8 Things your real estate photographer wants you to know...

Sorry, no cute stories today... And this intro stinks. But, I'm just dealing with facts... so let's get to it!

8) Let me see the floors!

New tile in the bathroom? Gorgeous hardwood floors in the entryway? Great! Let's see them!

Living in Wisconsin, we're tempted to add warmth to our house. Especially in the winter months. And although your toes might be cold, having extra hall rugs and bath mats can hide your homes natural beauty!

7) I've never seen a box of Kleenex sell a home.

We usually keep things on our counter tops that seem normal. Boxes of Kleenex in the bathroom. Paper towel on the kitchen counter. Hand soap containers. More Kleenex on your nightstand.

Although practical, these everyday items add to the clutter. And not only that, they block the countertops.

6) I will NOT open the hall closet, kitchen drawers, or look under your bed.

If I'm coming to photograph your home, chances are, it's ready to be shown to potential buyers! As a mom, I understand the last minute struggle to get everything clean and ready.

Need to stuff some extra papers in a kitchen drawer? Go for it.

Your teenager left their shoes in the living room? Find a closet.

Books, kleenex boxes, candles, or hand lotion on your night stand? Under the bed it goes.

5) I love light!

In every home I photograph, I bring my own lighting equipment. And although I can use photoshop, having new lightbulbs in your fixtures is best! This also shows prospective home buyers that you have taken care of all aspects in your home.

When I arrive, I'll open the curtains and blinds. I'll turn on the lights in each room - including lamps.

4) Does the fireplace work?

It's summer in Wisconsin. 95 degrees outside and the AC unit is running like a train. Clearly, you wouldn't turn the gas on for your fireplace. But buyers want to know it works! Please have your fireplace on and ready to go for pictures! Let me know to start in the living room - as soon as I'm done, we can shut it off.

3) I've never met a beige wall I didn't like...

Hot pink princess room? Purple butterfly garden room? Royal blue team spirit room?

You've invested time into decorating your child's bedroom. And your kiddo still lives in their room. I get it, beige is boring. But we want buyers to envision themselves living in your home.

"But, it's just paint. They could paint over it."

Yes, they could. But they are exhausted from house hunting... And now they have to hire a painter. Painters cost money.

In their mind, they've just deducted money from your listing price.

2) Add some life with plants or flowers!

I know I just told you to clear things off your countertops and nightstand... but I'm okay with a few signs of plant life!

1) If I moved it for a picture, you might want to move it for your showings.

Like I said before, I move things.. not because I'm a jerk. But because you have an AMAZING house and I want people to see it!

If I moved rugs, kleenex boxes, or a stack of papers... You'll want to officially hide/pack these things for any showings.

Need a Real Estate Photographer? Let's chat! I have daily availability to photograph homes - and images are returned by 8:00am the next day!

P.S. If you're the homeowner, this is something your realtor sets up.