Flying Safe

If I'm going to fly, I need to fly safe.

Hopefully this will encourage everyone who flies commercially to fly smart too!


I had two instances this year where people came close to hitting me while I was flying my drone. And before you ask, yes, I was flying safe. I think people simply aren't looking for drone pilots.

I just ordered two signs to place in the road - at the beginning and end of the property.

The reverse side has a drone logo, with the phrase "FLIGHT IN PROGRESS." As well as my business name and contact information.

Here is the link to order your own signs:

Want the insert I made? Cool. You can download and print your own image here:

*I removed my contact information - so you’ll need to add your own. Please do not sell or distribute this image.

Flight Record Book:

I live near a helipad - and need to contact them when I’m flying in the area. To keep a record of my phone conversations, I bring this little notebook with me.

Here’s a similar journal to the one I use:

Here’s what you need to write down: Date


Who you spoke with

Area/Address you will be flying in

Maximum flight altitude (P.S. You can’t fly higher than 400 ft)

Esitmaged duration of flight

What time my flight actually ended

Ask For Help:

Usually when I’m flying for a listing, my realtor is standing next to me. I ask for them to help by being my visual observer. The best part? Asking for their help doesn't cost anything, and helps keep everyone safe!

Hopefully this information helps you fly safe too! Message me with your safe-flying ideas so I can keep this blog updated!