Taking Your Own Photos?

So I set out to write this blog in the hopes of winning real estate agents who are still taking their own listing images. I planned on taking the first photo with my cell phone - and the second photo with my camera and wide angle lens. Easy, right?

Honestly, after the first photo, I almost gave up. For anyone not immersed in the photography world, there's not much difference - other than the yard looking longer.

But I quickly regained my confidence as soon as I started my comparison photos inside.

Again - each photo was taken from the same spot. From the same vantage point.

For a cute, little home like this one, you can really see where a wide angle lens - and window pulls - come in handy.

And you can really see a difference in the main floor bathroom.You can actually see that there is a door knob and toilet!

Okay, the kitchen genuinely shocked me! Not only can you see the half-wall divide between the kitchen and the living room, but you can see the floor too!

Seriously. With the right gear and expertise, you can see the entire closet door.

Still not convinced? Here's another listed I photographed. The home had minimal lighting in the ceiling - and dark paint on the walls. But the view was impeccable! A room like this NEEDED window pulls! I just love how the image on the right shows the gorgeous red-tones of the walls and furniture.

And sometimes it's just about showing off the grandeur of the space. Being able to show how the master suite connected to this private sun porch was so important!

I hope I've done my job of convincing your through these images. But if you'd like to see the difference in one of your properties, let me know! I'd love to schedule a session for your listing!

**Special thanks to Annie Beyersdorf and Mary Bosio - both of Coldwell Banker for these listing examples!

Contact Annie: 920.475.3220

Contact Mary: 920.475.2381