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How To Get More Money When You Sell

There are small updates you can do to a home - to get more money - when you’re ready to sell. I want to talk with you about some of the great things this particular seller did to make their home more marketable.

Accent Wall - The living room has a nice, light gray color. But the accent wall adds an element of design. The seller also included a fireplace (which she found at a rummage sale) which is a great accent for the living room! They also recently redid the flooring - with a new rug and furniture.

Updated Closet - The seller removed the doors and created a “locker” style entry way. The seller found the idea on Pinterest, and it looks like it came out of a magazine. Find your closet update ideas here.

Paint The Trim - Something simple, like painting the trim white, can create a big impact. The home looks brighter and more appealing.

Updated Cabinets and Counter tops - Just a simple update of the cabinets and countertops makes a big impact.

Cleaning Up - Not only is this a way to update your home for free - a home without clutter looks more open and appealing to buyers!

Staging Ideas - Still not sure what to do? Follow this link to find more ideas on Pinterest.

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