Why Your Real Estate Business ISN'T Growing

I get it. Money is valuable. But as the years of my business stack up - I'm learning that my time is even more valuable.

I don't listen to many podcasts - but this one hit me right between the eyes.

I was listening to Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn - Episode #329: One of the Most Important Business Conversations You Need To Have with Yourself

Until now, I've always treated myself like an employee of my business. How much do I want to make an hour. How much work can I handle. How long do I want to keep...

And this list goes on.

And maybe you've done this to yourself too. You've limited the amount of listings you'll take each month. You've limited the amount of showings or open houses you'll take on. You have an "end goal" of how much...

And your list goes on.

The only thing we have done was limit our income potential.

I *thought* I was setting up goals for my business.

In reality, I had just set up boundaries.

What happens when I take a task off my plate? When I outsource things I don't *need* to do.

Outsourcing can be anything:

•I can hire a meal delivery service.

•I can order my groceries online.

•I could hire the neighbor kid to mow the yard so I don't have to.

•I could hire a virtual assistant to sort through my endless pages emails.

•Even though I am completely capable of changing the oil in my car, I could let a mechanic change the oil - and use the extra time doing something else.

The same is with hiring a photographer to photograph listings. You *could* buy a camera (or use your cell phone) and photograph the home yourself.

But what happens when you hire a professional photographer? You get your time back. You've gained a new member for your team. To a seller, it appears that you have a team of people working to help sell their home - it's not just you.

And, just like me - hiring a mechanic to change the oil in my car - you can use the extra time you just gained back to do more (or less). Use your extra time to:

•Sign listing paperwork with your sellers.

•Grab coffee with a friend.

•Do a live video on social media to promote the house even more!

•Add another listing to your monthly goal.

It would be an honor to be considered part of your real estate team. I'll talk you up to the sellers. I'll take this extra task off of your plate.

I'll help you get your time back.

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