10 TIPS To Host The Best Friendsgiving Ever!

Friendsgiving? Maybe you’ve never heard of it. Friendsgiving is the celebration of Thanksging - but with your friends! If you’ve never been to a Friendsgiving before - this is your year to try something new. From the Friendsgivings I’ve attended, I can guarantee that it will be your new favorite holiday tradition.

But, if you’ve never heard of a Friendsgiving, how are you going to pull this off?! Not to worry! I have the perfect tips and tricks to make your celebration a success!

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1) Make it count! Maybe you’re hosting Friendsgiving to avoid family - or maybe you just need a holiday where you can relax. Either way, make the most of it by helping others! Hosting a “Friendsgiving For No Kid Hungry” is a great way to give back! Don’t worry about people bringing cash to your party, you can sign up and allow people to donate online. When you sign up to host, you’ll also receive a welcome kit in the mail; including recipes from renowned chefs, awesome fundraising incentives and much more! And, just by meeting fundraising goals, you can win free swag!

2) If you’re hosting Friendsgiving, you’re cooking the Turkey (and gravy too)! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... but if you’re hosting, this is absolutely your responsibility. If you’re not obsessed with basting a turkey for countless hours, try purchasing a Turkey Bag from Reynolds ®. You’ll find them near the saran wrap and aluminum foil in your grocery store.

3) Bring a dish! Phew, finally a chance to delegate the responsibilities of side dishes to others. And trust me when I say... Be specific! You don’t want to end up with three green bean casseroles and a bag of deli rolls. If you want someone to bring potatoes, make sure you specify as to what kind. Mashed potatoes run deep in my memories of Thanksgiving Day - but my healthier friends would opt for baked sweet potatoes. Why not both?! After all, isn’t that what Friendsgiving is all about?

4) Cranberry sauce in a can is just fine. It might not look amazing, but cranberry sauce doesn’t have to consume your thanksgiving day. Spend $2 and pick up a can.

5) Bring a bottle to pass! Rather than coordinating drinks for everyone, ask your friends to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to pass (or beer). My husband isn’t a big wine/beer guy, so we always bring an artisan soda - Sprechers Cream Soda is our local favorite! As the host, it will be expected that you’re providing mixed drinks. Keep a simple cocktail mix on hand - or make a punch.

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6) Make it fun! Instead of assigning the dessert task to one person, why not have a “Pie Off”? Everyone is asked to bring a pie for judging- and the best pie wins bragging rights for the year!

pie contest, friendsgiving tips, bragging rights

7) No Dress Code. There's nothing I'd love more than a pair of sweat pants, and a plate of mashed potatoes overflowing with gravy. But... there is something special about dressing up for the holidays. Let people come as they are! Or, tell people to bring sweatpants to change into.

8) Lunch can be at 2:00pm. Nobody has to work (hopefully). Which probably means everyone slept in - including you! Don't rush the day or wake up at 6:00am to start cooking. Relax. Serving a late lunch at 2:00pm will be appreciated.

9) Can I See The TV? Ahem. If you're hosting this shin-dig, you'd better have the game on. For real though.

thanksgiving day football, can I see the tv

10) C'est la vie! If the turkey burns... C'est la vie! If the pumpkin pie falls on the floor... C'est la vie! This is a day to relax with friends. Expectations are low. If the worst happens, you're going to order a pizza and move on.

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