5 Reasons Why Listing Your House In The Winter Could Mean TOP DOLLAR!!

Real estate in Wisconsin typically slows down during the winter months. Why? People aren’t exactly excited moving in freezing temperatures. Totally understandable. But what about people who have to move? Maybe a new job offer… Family changes… Or new opportunities. Whatever the reason, selling your home in the winter could mean top dollar for your home! Here’s why...

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5. No landscaping? No problem! With our snow-covered ground, landscaping might not be number one on someone’s list of priorities. Typical landscaping costs can range anywhere between $500-$3000. Not “needing“ to landscape the yard before listing your house can save so much money. Obviously, this means you should probably shovel your driveway and walkway before open houses or showings… But even if you hire a professional snow removal company, you’re still paying less than a landscape company would cost. A lot less.

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4. Little updates mean a lot! With winter months being so slow, a simple kitchen update can get you a winning offer faster than your competition. These upgrades might not seem so important… But they make the world of difference to an eager buyer. Having bonus spaces, like finished basements or four-season rooms can really set you apart from the house down the road.

3.You have a chance to play on a buyer's nostalgia. Maybe your home has a fireplace that you seldom use… Keeping a warm fire burning in the hearth and the smell of fresh baked cookies in the area will play to your buyers nostalgia. Setting a warm, cozy scene for prospective buyers can be the perfect tipping point to make them envision living in your home.

2. Neighborhoods seems quieter in the winter. People typically don’t spend hours outdoors, or you leave pets outside for extended periods of time. Selling home in your winter – especially if you live in a busy neighborhood – will seem calm and peaceful. Although this tip might sound dishonest… Your neighbors property is not included or being sold with yours. You’re simply giving perspective buyers A chance to see your home with out the hustle and bustle surrounding it.

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1. Less houses on the market means you get more attention! Because not many people sell their homes during the winter months, there’s not a lot to choose from. During the summer, you could be one of 30 homes listed in the $200,000 range. But during the winter, you might be one in five... Or, if you can see in the screen shot above... One of three! Crazy?! Right?! This is great - especially for people who need to move quickly. They don’t have the luxury of waiting for new homes to come onto the market. They need to buy fast, and they need to buy now. Which means... they'd probably be eager to buy your home too!

I might not be a real estate agent - so I can't help list your home - but I can help you make it look picture perfect!! But, don't stress about setting up an appointment - just have your favorite realtor call me: 715-304-8375

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