Realtor Spotlight : Matt Vanden Avond

Entering the world of real estate - I had no idea how many realtor were out there!! But how do you choose the right person to work with? How do you know that person is honestly trying to help you find the perfect home?

Social media reviews, suggestions from family and friends can help... But let's be honest, I have the inside tips. I see all the "behind the scenes" work. And I'm ready to share my industry information with you!

Matt is one of the realtors I work with and I can't wait for you to meet him! Time to keep reading...

Matt Vanden Avond, Vandy Real Estate, Appleton and Green Bay, Wisconsin Realty

QUESTION: Can you tell us a little about your self? What made you want to launch your career in real estate?

Myself. Born and raised in Green Bay, Married for 13 years, 3 boys 7, 5, and 4. Graduated from UWGB in business and UW-Madison with an MBA. Enlisted in US Navy, spent 8 years active and now serve as an Officer in the Navy Reserve.

Couple things steered me toward real estate. I started investing in RE 8 years ago. My dad had a few rentals homes in the area growing up, so I was exposed to it at a younger age. After getting out of active duty and graduating from grad school I couldn't find a job that seem to fit so I figured I like real estate and I'm blessed to live in a country with endless opportunities so I started my own business.

QUESTION: As anyone can see from your Facebook page, you’re really active on social media - from doing live videos to showcase your listings to giving buyers/sellers tips! How does that set you apart from other agents?

ANSWER: Marketing is a very important part of the service an agent provides to his or her client. Marketing is obviously about gaining the market's attention and then hopefully getting your message across. There is not a more effective, more cost efficient, way of gaining the market's attention than live video on social media. My goal for this year is to be much more consistent with it and try to get more creative with it. How that sets me apart is that...going in front of the camera is not a comfortable thing. There's lots of room for failure and for judgement, and you just have to work through that.

QUESTION: You seem to go above and beyond for your sellers and buyers. Can you tell me about a recent sale that left a positive impact?

ANSWER: My last home sale involved an elderly couple that was moving from their home of 40 years into assisted living. They did not have much family support so I was a main part of their support system. For that listing I researched assisted living complexes in the area, local movers, and auction companies. I try to become an expert in whatever is needed for that listing and put those contacts and knowledge in the tool bag for a future use.

QUESTION: Is there anything else we should know about you?

ANSWER: Real estate is usually the biggest investment a person will make. The average person moves every 7 years. It pays to build a relationship with a real estate professional that you trust will always do right by you AND has the competency to get you what you are looking for at the best price. I love what I do and I'm always looking to serve people.

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