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The ONE thing our home inspector missed... and it cost us thousands.

Buying a new home comes with many new challenges and uncharted waters.

✓Are there really 40 pages to fill out for a mortgage?

✓Is the information in the "first time homebuyer" class relevant?

✓How much money do we need for closing?

✓Do we get a home inspection?

Seriously. All valid questions.

Before purchasing our first home, we did all of the above. We wanted to make sure all of our bases were covered.

But there was one thing our home inspector missed... and it cost us thousands.

The worst part... it wasn't his job to inspect it. And we had no idea.

"WHAT?! Your home inspector missed something, and you're not blaming him for it?!"

Yup. That's right. Because the thing that was missed wasn't a part of our house... it was a part of our property. Now, looking back, it seems obvious. But we missed it, and you might too.


The trees on our property weren't a part of our house. It wasn't the home inspector's job to look at them. And I didn't even think about it (we were a little busy with the 40 pages of paperwork and the stress of closing on time).

In our front yard, we had this HUGE gorgeous maple tree. Just lovely. And totally rotted from the inside. It needed to come down.

Our tree lasted about a year before it was struck by lightning. A branch fell and landed on the electrical wires on the telephone pole. The utility company came and removed the branch, but it was up to us to remove the rest of the tree.

Wanna know how much that cost? Thousands. The first quote we received was for $5,000.

*Que shocked faces and crying eyes.*

Obviously, we called around for more quotes. The average - and what we ended up paying was around $2,500.

So, if you're about to purchase a home with beautiful, mature trees on the property, hire an arborist to come inspect them. You can ask for the sellers to take down the trees before closing - or to credit you to do so.

We still have one more tree to remove in our front yard - and another tree that we just took down in our backyard. Let me tell you - it's adding up quickly.

Don't be afraid to ask questions before purchasing your home. It's not up to your home inspector. And it's not up to your realtor. It's your job to ask questions and contact the professionals who can help! When looking for quotes for our tree removal, professionals came to our house free of charge.

What things do you know now about home buying that you wished you would have know before? Comment below or message me! I'd love to add your advice in another blog!

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