Site Survey + Fox River Mall + Moonshine

Every couple months, I do freelance work for Site Enhancement Services - which is a site survey company. They have me survey possible locations for new stores - lately, it's been a lot of Boost Mobile stores! Woah! Is that company growing!

I'd say 99% of the time, I'm asked to photograph an empty property. Perfect. I love using my AirPods and chilling to music while I work.

But to my surprise - the last storefront wasn't vacant. And, if I didn't have the best luck in the world - it turned out the be a Moonshine store. HA! Seriously. This stuff is too good to make up.

DocCollier, Moonshine, The Shinery, Fox River Mall

So, why is the Boost Mobile moving in the Fox River Mall?

H&M is coming.

Currently, Victoria's Secret + Boost Mobile sit just outside of the Target wing. It seems this coveted corner has been claimed by H&M.

Boost Mobile, Appleton Mall, Fox River Mall, Big Changes

Boost Mobile, Appleton Mall, Fox River Mall, Big Changes

So begins the store shuffle.

Victoria's Secret is moving down the hall - where Abercrombie + Fitch used to be (across from Bath & Body Works). H&M will take over the current Victoria's Secret spot and the corner with Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile is moving into the food court where The Shinery currently resides. And The Shinery is moving somewhere else in the mall (the store clerk wasn't sure).


Did you follow that?

Okay, back to the moonshine (because that's probably why you're reading this in the first place).

The Shinery, Fox River Mall, Appleton Wisconsin

If I would have known the store was packed with people on a Saturday afternoon - I would have picked a different time slot. But, I made the best of things, and worked quickly to get everything done.

When I work for SES, they request that I take images, draw architectural sketches, and measurements for the store. Oh, if my art professor could see me now!

Although I didn't try any moonshine while working - because duh, I was working - we have purchased a mason jar of moonshine from The Shinery before, and it was delicious! I highly recommend the Orange Cream or Apple Pie.

So, make sure you stop by the new location of Boost Mobile inside the food court! When you find where The Shinery is being relocated, let me know!

p.s. Site Enhancement Services is looking for photographers all over the country! If you're interested in working for them, let me know and I'll pass your name along!

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