Recipes For St. Patrick's Day

My husband might be of Irish heritage - but I know nothing about the culture. If you’re looking to make something more than “Green Eggs and Ham” for St. Patricks Day, these recipes will get you through the day and kept the Irish vibe.

P.S. Chef John is my favorite go-to person for recipes. Some of these might not be “Ireland” authentic. But your tummy will be happy.

Breakfast: Scones

If you’re looking for a staple European breakfast, the scone is for you. This light, airy recipe has no special ingredients. It’s something you can throw together in 35 min.

Lunch: Beef and Guinness® Stew

Guinness, Beef Stew With Beer, St. Patrick's Day Recipe

Low, slow cooking makes this meal a fall-apart dream. And the use of Guinness makes the gravy hearty with warm tones of ale is perfect for a crisp St. Patty’s Day afternoon. You’ll want to set aside 3 hours to make this stew, but your hard work will be richly rewarded.

Dinner: Coconut Milk Corned Beef and Cabbage

This is not your mama’s corned beef and cabbage. This is a step above the norm - and will leave your taste buds craving more. What’s the big deal with coconut milk? It will help give a subtle, sweet taste to the broth. You’ll want to start this, well, basically right after lunch - as it’s going to take you around 4 hours to finish.

Dessert: Apple Tart

Apple tart, Irish Recipe, Celtic, BBC, St. Patrick's Day

If you’re looking for an authentic Apple Tart dessert, look no further than this recipe shared from the BBC. Wait, an apple pie? Isn’t that a little “USA” for St. Patrick’s Day? Don’t let the use of apples fool you. There’s defiantly whiskey in this sweet treat. One user comments that the tart might boast Celtic origins. But maybe you’re like me, and don’t care.

Before you begin, two big things…

  1. This recipe does call for muscovado sugar. I’ve been watching the Great British Baking show on Netflix lately, so this sounds familiar. You can find this in your grocery store, but it might be listed as Barbados sugar. Or, you can substitute for light brown sugar and 1/2 TBL of molasses.

  2. True to the Europe way of baking, you’ll need a kitchen scale to weigh out ingredients.

Snack: Irish Soda Bread

Soda bread is not just famously delicious... it's amazing because it takes little time to make! No need to let this bread rise - this bread will take you about an hour to make AND bake!

Let me know which recipes you tried and which was your favorite! I'm off to buy a pack of Guinness® for my beef stew.

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