Is 0.09% Too Expensive For Your Realtor?

Before I begin, I really debated whether or not to post this. And then I realized, I feel like I NEED to post it.

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If you're a homeowner, you have the authority to tell your realtor to hire a professional photographer.

So, here's what I want you to know...

Last week, I received the absolute post heartbreaking message on Facebook. The message was pretty nonchalantly - asking how much real estate images would cost. I replied back with a basic list of prices and followed up a day later.

What happen next broke my heart.

The person I was speaking with wasn't a realtor… But the homeowner. Come to find out, they’ve had their home on the market for a while, and it still hasn’t sold. From what it sounds like, they’ve even moved out of their home and hired a staging company.

I see this sometimes, especially with homes listed at a higher price point. Anytime a house is listed over $250,000, buyers get picky. Why? Because they're spending 1/4 Million on a home. Usually they want some type of high-end kitchen countertop, master bathroom suite… You name it. In general, homes with a higher price tag can take a little longer to sell.

The thing that completely floored me? Finding out that the realtor never used a professional photographer. Honestly, it made me upset. The homeowner had already made investments to update their home and get it ready for the market. And now the realtor brought in a staging company. It just seems silly not to spend a few extra dollars on professional images. What made me even more blown away was this...

| The realtor was asking the homeowner to pay for images.

What?! Am I living in some sort of twilight zone here? Did I miss the fact that the agent is taking a 6% commission (4% for themselves, and 2% for the buyers agent)?

Want to know what my quote was for a $250,000 house?


Yes. You read that correctly.

I get it. If you're the realtor, you don't get paid until the home sells. But, with that being said, the high risk of your job comes with a high reward of 4%.

PEOPLE - the market is starting to pick up. Buyers are going to have more options, and the images need to set you apart. ⁣

An offer for asking price isn't the goal... Getting buyers to offer ABOVE asking price is! Before you sign with an agent, let them know that professional images are important to you... and something you require if they want to list your home. ⁣

If your realtor used a professional photographer, give them a shout out in the comments below!!

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