$200 Discount on Closing Costs!

A few weeks ago, I officially joined a local HBBA group (HBBA = Helping Businesses Build Associations). I've already made some amazing connections - and valuable ones too!

Around the same time I joined, so did The Bank Of Kaukauna. Obviously, the CEO doesn't stop in the meetings, but two amazing reps have joined - Tamara and Jamie! I sat down a few weeks ago and talked with Tamara about a new promotion the bank was running... And it's something I need to share with you!

P.S. If you want to purchase a house, you'll need to get a mortgage FIRST before you start looking. Seriously. Don't let your little house-hunting heart become disappointed. And, you'll want to know how much you've been approved to spend.

In case you didn't know, The Bank of Kaukauna has been around for over 140 years! So, saying that they're well established is probably an understatement.

While the bank might have one location - they're ready to fight in this competitive home loan market.

The bank is making a new effort to specialize in business and mortgage loans. And with that means a great savings is being passed onto you!

Tamara can help you schedule an appointment to meet with the loan officers. You can contact Tamara here:


Or you can contact one of their loan officers directly:

Gina Nytes

CP Consumer Banking Manager



NMLS #681761

Sarah Cooper



NMLS #681765

There are so many options for mortgage lenders. It's really important to call around and ask questions. But at least, with the Bank of Kaukauna, you can you can waltz on in and talk with a real person right away.

Happy house hunting!

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