Listing Now = Closing In Spring

Hey, Wisconsin. I'm looking at you.

Yes, you.

Outside of Home Wisconsin

I know there's snow out. I know you had to snow blow the driveway today. But I promise, this really is a great time of the year to list!

In case you didn't know, in Wisconsin winters, people move slowly. Sure, your house might sit on the market a few weeks longer than in the summer... Low inventory in the winter means that your house will get more foot traffic! Especially since the Packer's football season is done. There's nothing to distract people from a showing on Sunday afternoon!

Here's what you can do to get your home ready for a winter listing (and a springtime closing)!

1) DON'T forget to air out your home! Plugging in air fresheners doesn't mask stale air. It actually overwhelms your nose. Trust me. No buyer want to be welcomed with your Glade PlugIns Scent® warmer... at least, not that much. Turn down the thermostat, Open the windows on each level for an hour. Heck, go grab a coffee while your house has time to breathe.

master bedroom, bright linens

2) DO update your linens to bright whites. The sun sets earlier, and overcast days can make things feel dreary. Buying a white duvet set for your bedrooms set can brighten up any room. It will also give your bedrooms a clean, move in ready feel (think of the white linens at a fancy hotel). If your couch is outdated, consider buying a high quality slipcover in a tan or white color too. Your living room should also be bright and inviting.

3) DON'T worry about the landscaping. If you have a few pictures of your backyard in the summer (without people in the photo) ask your realtor about leaving some out by the open house packets. Be sure to shovel and salt any driveway or walkway. Shoveling off a patio or backyard deck is a good idea too.

4) DO make sure your house feels extra warm and cozy. Don't forget to bake cookies before a showing (or simply pour a little vanilla extract in a baking dish, and bake at 300 degrees for 15 minutes). If you have a fireplace, light it! Having your home feel warm and cozy to contrast the cold outside will make buyers feel welcomed and relaxed.

cozy house, fireplace

5) DON'T let unpredictable weather get you down. If your showing is scheduled for a Saturday morning, and there's a massive snow storm, it's okay to reschedule your showing. You're relator is already working non-stop to market your house. No one should risk their life for an open house - not your realtor and not a buyer. Ask your realtor what their opinion is of the weather, and trust their judgement. They want your home sold. But again, don't put anyone's life in jeopardy over it.

living room, winter time

Hopefully these tips have helped you! If you're looking for an honest opinion of your house - feel free to contact me! I'm always available for a home consultation.

P.S. This home is currently for sale! You're welcome to message me, and I'll put you in contact with the realtor.

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