For Sale By Owner - How To Prep Your House

Working with a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is much different than photographing a house for a realtor.

Usually, FSBO's are on their own.

That's not necessarily a bad thing... depending on how the market is reacting. But it can absolutely feel lonely. And sometimes it helps to have someone make sure it's ready for photos and showings.

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"Have No Fear! I'm here to help!"

But really, there are three things you can do to make your life easier... and mine too. Don't worry. There's nothing scary.

Pssssttt... If you want to, you can download the tips here!

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We usually keep things on our counter tops that seem normal. Boxes of Kleenex in the bathroom. Paper towel on the kitchen counter. Hand soap containers. More Kleenex on your nightstand.

Although practical, these everyday items add to the clutter. And not only that, they block the countertops.

Please remove these items from your surfaces before I arrive.

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In every home I photograph, I bring my own lighting equipment. And although I can use photoshop, having new lightbulbs in your fixtures is best! This also shows prospective home buyers that you have taken care of all aspects in your home.

Before I arrive, please open the curtains and blinds. Please also turn on the lights in each room - including lamps.

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I will NOT open the hall closet, kitchen drawers, or look under your bed. If I'm coming to photograph your home, chances are, it's ready to be shown to potential buyers! As a mom, I understand the last minute struggle to get everything clean and ready.

Need to stuff some extra papers in a kitchen drawer? Hide something under the bed? Stuff everything in the garage? Go for it.

I know listing as a FSBO is a big step. I'll be here as much as I can to help. If you're ready to list your home, you're welcome to call me for a free consultation.


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