How AirBNB Hosts Charge More By Changing Nothing

As an AirBNB or VRBO owner, you’ll eventually plateau.

It might mean that your calendar is booked to the max. Or you’ve achieved the “Super Host” title. Not to be rude, but you probably don’t need another 5-Star review. There's complimentary bottled water, wine and beer in the fridge... You’re already awesome…

But how in the heck do you make more money without adding another property?!

Drone Imge Air BNB Home

Before you throw more money and time into upgrading or renovating something, try using professional photos to increase your rate. I know it sounds nuts. Hear me out.

AirBNB says professional photography means you could charge an extra 40% more each night.

Wait, what?! You can get professional photos done and charge more?!

Heck yes! And I’ve seen it work.

When I photograph an AirBNB or VRBO I focus on the styling, items, and property features that make the home unique. Where am I going to snuggle and read a good book when I come? How cute will I look snapping a photo of me sitting on the front steps? How much can I do at the house (i.e. hot tub, walking path, pool table, kayaking, etc)? If it’s raining, will I still be able to have a movie night on the couch?

Check out the before and after photos from this recent AirBNB I photographed… would you want to stay here now?

If you're ready to upgrade your AirBNB or VRBO listing images - give me a call! I'd love to help change how people view your home online. And the best part, you can have your images back in 24 hours.

Not local to Wisconsin - not a problem! I can travel to photograph your property.

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