Real Estate VS AirBNB+VRBO

What’s the difference between Real Estate photography and AirBNB + VRBO homes?

Real estate photos are tactical. They photos more on how big each room is… the bigger the room, the better! AirBNB + VRBO focus on how the room feels… Evoking emotions is the goal.

Room size vs Feel

Real estate photography focuses on "Window Pulls." This is typically what our eyes see when we enter a room... Our eyes adjust to see the outside and inside of each room. AirBNB+VRBO photography focuses on bright and airy photography.

Window Pulls VS Bright and Airy

Usually, with real estate photography, you want people to envision their furniture in your space. With AirBNB + VRBO photography, the stuff all stays.

Real estate photography says, "Look at how big this kitchen is to cook in!"

AirBNB + VRBO photography says, "This is where you'll be brewing your morning coffee. This is where your kids will sit for an afternoon snack."

Roof Focused VS Detail

Photos on the MLS (Realtor, Zillow, Paragon, etc.) work best as horizontal images. Literally, it's an outdated system that almost goes out of its way to "reject" any image that is not horizontal.

AirBNB + VRBO gives people more of a social media experience. Horizontal and vertical images are valued equally. The programs know to adjust or based on the pictures orientation.

Horizontal VS Both

The last thing that is so different: The lens.

Real estate photography uses an ultra-wide lens. This isn't a normal lens that most photographers carry with them.

AirBNB + VRBO uses a variety of lenses: A standard lens for room shots, and a prime lens for details.

Wide Angle VS Normal

Honestly... I could keep talking about it, but I thought I'd just show you. Check out the video below!

What style is your favorite? Comment below and let me know!