Why Summer Photos WRECK Your Listing

Backyard pools. Blooming flowers. Green grass.

Summer living is short-lived in Wisconsin. I feel rushed to get more images for my portfolio. And eventually listings begin to pop up faster than weeds.

Cul de Sac in Neenah Wi, Summer listing photo
Summer Drone Photo Neenah WI

I’ve received this particular question a few times this year… and I thought I’d write a blog post for other homeowners who are probably wondering the same thing.

I will not come take pictures in the summer - even though your garden is in full bloom and your landscaping looks AMAZING - so you can list your house in the fall/winter.

Ugh. It hurts my heart to type that. Seriously. The shut down put a damper on my small business; I’m sure it’s not a secret that I’d love to take your money. ;) Especially if you’re throwing it around. *jokes*

Drone photo of a home in summertime
Summer Listing Photo Neenah WI

Here’s why I’m saying no, and you should too!

  1. Summer photos in your listing make your house look like it’s been sitting for MONTHS. Imagine yourself as the homebuyer flipping through listing photos… and in the middle of naked, frost covered trees, you see a bright green garden and a swimming pool. “What? Wait… how long have they been trying to sell this house? What’s wrong with it?” That right there is what you need to avoid. Summer photos say that something IS wrong with your house. There’s a reason it’s been sitting around and no one has made an offer on it.

  2. Your landscape choices might not suite everyone, and that’s okay. When we moved into our house, there was a huge Bridal Wreath bush in our front yard. To me, it looks messy and unkept. But the previous owners loved it enough to have a landscape company come maintain it. Am I wrong? No. Where they wrong? No. Landscaping (paint colors, and carpet vs hard wood flooring) is a personal choice. What you love, someone else might hate. And that’s okay.

  3. The next homeowners might not be able to maintain the landscaping you’ve chosen. Keeping up maintenance on “needy” plants you’ve chosen can seem overwhelming. I don’t have a green thumb. In fact, my father-in-law has taught me so much about gardening. Except for my aloe plant, almost every other plant in my house is fake. Outside, I love my hastas and day lillys. Plants/flowers I can neglect are my jam. With that being said, the “needy” plants in our yard were ripped out after we moved in.

The next homeowners are going to love your house. Maybe even more than you do. They need the chance to make it their own. With the limited housing inventory we have in the Appleton area, your home selling won’t be an issue. Let the new owners envision themselves living in your house… even if that means they’ll change the landscaping.